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Brand Identity, Initial Packaging Design,
Brand Story, Messaging

A soup-to-nuts brand strategy, identity, messaging, and 360° packaging project with Tajima Creative Partners, to position California's premiere organic cannabis company in a growing market. Visual identity development with Aimee Epstein, Elaine Tajima, and John Sabel went hand-in-hand with sustainable packaging design, promotional materials and swag, to create an iconic corporate identity for a historic company's reveal.

Not since Prohibition has such a taboo product entered a national marketplace.  As California's leading organic and sun-grown cannabis company, Humboldt Farms aimed to create a brand identity in line with its core values: accessibility, community, holistic health, magic and whimsy, connection to nature, and their motto of "choosing kindly for the planet and ourselves."

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 12.02.45
The identity centers around the iconic Humboldt Farms VW Vanagon, which retains its anchor as an emblem of freedom, adventure, and connection to the natural world.  As the van travels across local Humboldt County locations, the effect of each Humboldt Farms product - whether elevating, calming, community-oriented, meditative, celebratory - is reflected in the sky and scene in which the van appears, either solar, lunar, in motion, or calm.
The Humboldt Farms logo reigns over each illustration as a sun or moon depending on the product's intensity, effects, or health benefits.  All packaging is 100% recyclable and sustainable in its design, production, and disposal.
Logo: Tajima Creative Partners; concept and key art design: Jacob Kemp; final illustration & package designs: Aimee Epstein


Corporate Identity and Stationery Design

Identity, Tone of Voice, Stationery,

and Promotional Materials for a global charity campaign challenge.

The identity is anchored by the challenge's concept: to donate 0.08% of an individual year's salary to a pre-approved charity.

Additional visual play on the numerical 8, the letter "g", and the icon of a caring figure provide opportunity for a singular, iconic visual representation of the organization's ideals.



Corporate Identity and Stationery Design

Identity, Stationery, and collateral for a Boston-based realty company, specializing in equal opportunity housing.




Identity, Creative and Graphic Design

An extensive draft period, resulting in varied design directions, led to a validation of the application's goals: first and foremost: security, but also, feelings of prosperity over feelings of wealth, as well as an excitement to pursue financial education. 


A new direction was pursued to find a reflection of these keystone ideas, as well as the  simplicity and ease of use.

Identity for Yodlee Envestnet's potential banking application, geared to help users save money and organize budgets in an accessible, optimistic user experience.

A new logotype, emphasizing movement and origami, provided a sense of mathematics and organization while retaining a sense of play. 


This visual language extended into the logo, illustrating participation, fellowship, harmony, and the brand motto of being "financially strategic without being stuffy."



Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 10.41.19