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74.0060°  W


Kemp has designed for, represented, and advised Fortune 500 companies, budding entrepreneurs, and creatives. He has performed and improvised around the globe; he has styled, choreographed, and curated both humans and countless inanimate objects since his graduation with honors from Yale, where he was the recipient of the Louis S. Gimble Jr. Scholarship. Between his junior and senior years, he completed the interdisciplinary Movement, Arts & Design in Europe (MADE) Program in Paris, under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Claire and choreographer David Dorfman. 


Whether working in commercial art, post-modern dance, gallery curation, musical theater, studio films or independent cinema, his work reflects the iconoclastic world in which he lives: one deeply rooted in truth telling, paradigm-shifting chameleonism, one reflecting empathy and kindness, guided by an unrelenting sense of play - one of unapologetic magic and infinite possibility. 


Formative experiences assisting Jerelle Kraus, former art editor of The New York Times, working in book jacket design at the Yale University Press, improvising at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, as well as studying with, and learning from, the artists Robert Woodruff, John Sabel, Emily Coates, and Patricia Hoffbauer solidified a rebellious, essentialist, and fearless approach to creation.

Jacob Kemp is a collaborative artist, actor, designer, writer, and creative consultant. He is the founder and CCO of TALISMAN, a global design and innovation hub. He is also known for creating shape-shifting roles on stage, film, and television.


Instead of coloring inside the lines, organizing his life into clear divisions - Jacob just lets the strange, beautiful, funny, unpredictable, poetic, messy, honest pieces come together - and lets them weave a story entirely their own. 


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